School Now, School Forever



Neoreactionary and related analysis of politics and meta-politics

President Biden said that Americans will be able to receive 16 years of schooling at the hands the illustrious Department of Education.

As one expects, right-wing pundits are declaring Biden to be an oaf for providing more intellectual schooling rather than trade and skills education and/or accusing him of cynically increasing the years of indoctrination American youth are subjected to.

There is a third way to understand why the US regime (after all, it is not Biden doing this, he is just the one left holding the bag) would do this. If you’re here, it’s probably safe to assume that you don’t believe that the ruling elite are stupid, but just in case: consider how masterfully the entire world economic system has been reoriented in the last year and a half. Being not stupid, the ruling elite also recognize how totally their post-war education (indoctrination) has worked. Certainly, if by some measure it has not worked after 75 years of testing, a mere 33% increase in the number of years of training cannot possibly be the solution non-stupid people would select to mend this error.

No, the incentive to have people in school longer is simply part of the overall plan of keeping people busy, entertained, and unburdened. The ruling elite recognize the decline in IQ and the physical capacity of its citizens to perform useful labor, just as much as dissidents do. The correct way to think about the extension of schooling is as a “make-work” program. It gives people who are less and less capable of doing anything useful at all at least something to do, and hopefully will help give them something to do after the schooling is over – perhaps more schooling! The addition of more pre-schooling options is doubly effective, as it gives parents a chance to enjoy the additional educational opportunities. With so much time invested in education, they will surely be satisfied in a hard-earned career in the hallowed bureaucratic halls of corporate America.

The power process must be fulfilled one way or another. People must feel that they have goals, that the goals require effort, and to succeed in achieving these goals. They must also feel that they have a certain amount of autonomy. It does not so much matter if these goals are artificial or not, so long as these feelings are satisfied. If these needs are not satisfied, the individual may engage in anti-social behavior that substitutes for this deficiency. Such behavior can destabilize the social order, which in turn can damage the security of the ruling elite. America’s own Uncle Ted, from which the power process idea derives, is one such person, and the ruling elite are extremely concerned with preventing any violence done against them.

To this end, the more people, especially young people, are occupied with schooling, entertained by streaming, and grinding away at their jobs, the less chance they will seek out such novel and destabilizing interests. From the position of the ruling elite, it is entirely logical to provide the masses with endless and acceptably satisfying distractions. It also renders these Americans clients to the elite, dependent on the elite for their meager position in society. Were this relationship suddenly revoked, it would leave many clients in a dire situation, indeed.

By “clients” what is meant is not just the lower class in the sense of the financially poor, but the financially dependent, and people who are otherwise dependent and/or uneducated. This does include the financially poor welfare and health care dependents, but it includes many other people as well. We could say that the clients have a lower class mindset in their lifestyle, regardless as to whether or not they are financially poor. The primary dimension is not money, but independence. A middle class person may have less money than an urban white collar worker, but will be more independent. There are many jobs within the managerial state that are effectively make-work programs that serve no necessary purpose, and would disappear without that system. There are many educational paths that would be absolutely worthless without the same. The quote from The Matrix comes to mind: “You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inert, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.”

The rugged individualism of a bygone America is neither appealing nor possible for many Americans. Set free from being a client of the elite, most clients would have no idea how to survive. The populist or nationalist right, which wishes to for this old America, is caught in this classic relationship of high-low versus middle. For all the rhetoric of being for “the working man,” the MAGA movement and its related subgroups is actually a middle class revolt against the elite and not actually supported by the lowest class of Americans.

Whether or not the populist ideology would benefit the clients, the clients do not care. They are not interested in middle class aspirations, they are interested in the security they receive from their dependency on the elite. Under this condition, they may have little chance of ascension to the middle class, but they also have little chance of hitting absolute rock-bottom.

The lower class is the natural ally of the elite, because the middle class is its natural enemy. The middle class, especially in an open system like the American system, has the means by which to produce and/or support a competing elite class. This is not to say that there are no elites and no clients who are against the ruling elite, nor that there are no middle class persons supporting the ruling elite – it is a general principle that any serious dissident must consider, along with the recognition of what the clients of the elite actually are. It is natural for many dissidents to thing of the lower class as the white working class, but in reality, many of those who we call “working class” are actually middle class who happen to do jobs that require manual labor. The actual lower class does have white persons in it, but it is also composed of other ethnicities. It is a large and varied group, much like the middle class is also a large and varied group.

Any clear-pilled dissident ought to see through the political formula of American populism, and realize that the middle-class-ness of the movement is a feature, not a bug. The feeling of being for the working man, or even LARPing as a lower class might be necessary to appeal to many middle class populists, as there is an felt shame in celebrating ones superior achievement to the poor and/or dependent – ironic, as much of whatever was good about late 20th century America came from the hard work of the best of the middle class – but, nevertheless, the culture of modern America suggests that you feel ashamed of yourself when you surpass others. It’s hard to put the feeling into words, but I think most readers will know the feeling. This must be overcome – all civilizations have a middle class, it is normal to be middle class, and it is normal to want to preserve one’s standing in society. For all the faults of the American middle class, its existence is not one of them.

The ruling elite are currently playing a carefully balanced game in which they are trying to keep the middle class from adopting a novel political formula in which the elite are no longer needed. The educational system is certainly part of that game, and until we actually see the middle class disassociate from this and other systems, we should have little confidence that any such political break with the ruling elite will occur. Dissociation in this specific case, of course, simply means the mass-adoption of homeschooling and self-teaching.

The regime really does not want this, because a middle class that dissociates will realize that there is little reason across the board to continue participating in the profoundly fake and gay political formula of the ruling elite. You can see an example of the fear of self-teaching just today, as I write this, from the majestic and Party-ordained New York Times:

In this case, of course, “democracy” means the sovereignty of the New York Times, or more broadly, the Cathedral; and the answer to the headline, naturally, is yes. Here on Substack, middle class Americans with time to read or write can learn and publish on their own, and in doing so, they might figure out that there are other things they can do on their own as well. The middle class figuring out that they do not need the ruling elite at all is close to the most dangerous possible position for the ruling elite to be in. However, in the US, the middle class still has yet to discern that it does not want to reform the governmental apparatus; it wants to dissolve the oligarchy completely, and start fresh with a new political formula. The big question for individuals is, will they figure this out sooner or later?

Sooner meaning, while the middle class is still a majority, later meaning, afterward; when bioleninism has brought low the American population. The importation of new, mostly non-white clients has a dual purpose, like most of the actions of the ruling elite. One purpose is simply to bolster the faltering physical capacity of its citizens, and secondarily, preventing middle class people, and especially middle class white people, from becoming more physically active and capable. Additionally, increasing racial tensions for the purpose of preventing the middle class from acting in a unary fashion, and finally, to ultimately outnumber the middle class with an army of dependent clients.

As I mentioned, the middle class is a varied group, ethnically varied at that. The same ethnicities that make up the middle class make up the lower class clients in significant proportions. One of the reasons I oppose a general white nationalism is because of this: cross-class ethnic interests or “solidarity” is counter-productive to reaching a circulation of the elite. White, black, Hispanic, Asian, native, and whichever other race middle class persons have much more to gain by acting in solidarity as the middle class rather than along the lines of their ethnic groups. Many people believe that white persons are slated for annihilation – I think this is absurd because, it is quite clear that there is tangible benefit for the ruling elite when they extend controlled racial conflict as far as it can go, and what more useful conflict is there than white versus black?

Middle-class-ness is to be embraced, not subverted, and hopefully embraced while the middle class still outnumbers the clients. Ethnic solidarity means ethnic conflict in a multi-ethnic empire, which the American Empire very much is. Ethnic conflict is to be avoided. In general, conflict is to be avoided. The most peaceful and positive restructuring will be one in which the middle class participates as a majority.

The ruling elite is not much worried about such a restructuring, despite the fact that the middle class is well-armed, because the American middle class is extremely subdued, distracted, and impotent. The ruling elite knows, of course, that the consequence of dysgenic programs exacted on its own citizens cause material decline, and ultimately someone must performs certain necessary physical labors; to reiterate, the elite are not stupidly progressing forward as some righties believe, but are carefully managing decline with a complex series of combinations of public policy. The middle class must be whittled down, “whiteness” must be reduced, and the country cannot fall apart too fast, or else the bread and circuses will no longer suffice to keep people docile.

To all of these ends, non-white immigrants are imported to do the manual labor necessary, preventing such skills from accumulating in the middle class and among the white majority, neutralizing two potential democratic threats at once. Focusing and becoming distracted by one of these effects over the other is a mistake. The actions of the ruling elite must always be understood in their own domain of combinations and their own ends. Like racial politics, gun control politics must be understood in the same way. The purpose of gun control politics is not to actually confiscate firearms en masse, which are useless anyway in the hands of the current middle class, but to provide distractions. Also, to deceive the middle class into believing that they are dangerous to the elite, thus discouraging them from taking steps that would actually make them dangerous. A further purpose is to keep the gun control mechanisms warm in case the middle class actually does decide to become dangerous.

We can take the same view on the economic policies of the health care dictatorship and its depopulation policies. Universal basic income, for example, is designed to expand the clients and reduce the middle class. The elite do not come up with these ideas because they are economically illiterate; to the contrary, they understand precisely what results will entail. Depopulation, again, is intended to prevent the problem of managing billions of untermensch. The elite believe that the technological future holds unemployment and purposelessness for most human beings. They want to ensure that the before this point is reached, the millions of human units have not multiplied into billions and become unmanageable and destructive through sheer quantity.

Any reader of this blog will likely determine these actions to be evil, yet it is not primarily banal evil that drives the elite (although there is plenty banal evil going around). The ruling elite have an ideology, a political formula, to rationalize their position as ruling elite. They really do believe that they are acting for the greater good. Understanding what the ruling elite see themselves as doing, and what they seek to prevent, should help dissidents predict their future activities, and reveal the path that leads to avoiding this future.

Dissidents should abstain from participating in political activities that increase ethnic tension. It is unknown what the next political formula will be, and to what extent may cross ethnic boundaries – but a general white identity political formula is unworkable, because the white lower class is literally at odds with the white middle class – such a formula only serves the interests of the elite, giving them an opportunity to increase racial conflict and have a cartoon bad guy to fight, filling a critical niche in the post-war liberal political formula. In unrestricted warfare, which is the condition under which Americans live, every action is multi-dimensional, as this essay should illustrate, and the multitude of effects that stem from a cause must be considered.