Failure to Insurrect



Neoreactionary and related analysis of politics and meta-politics

The corporate press is desperate to have the American right engage in further acts of “insurrection” against the Baidan Regime.

The American right has wisely sworn off any such activity, but that won’t stop the regime from throwing the best Glowie Party it can muster in the capital.

The capital was fortified, and regime goons were deployed to pick fights with citizens.

Much to the embarrassment of the corporate press, the press seemed to be the majority of the attendees.

Not a MAGA hat in sight.

Dejected, the Citizen Harassment Force picked up their bludgeons and hauled their lard-encumbered bodies back home.

You can hear the disappointment in the reporting from our esteemed journalists, desperate for unrest.

At least they have a guy carrying a knife to report.

Who is this Matt Braynard guy, anyway?

Looks like the classic Mr. NGO to me. He and his politician pals are not happy with the low turnout.

Hey, mister politician guy. Maybe if the people are not jiving with your strategy, find a new grift? Talking down to them for not showing up with “cope” is an optics fail. Maybe they have a good reason not to show up, considering what happened the last time a politician invited people to the capital.

As readers of the blog will know, I actually did go to the two Million MAGA Marches, which of course amounted to nothing. (Of course, I did not attend the January 6th rally, just to reiterate for my personal glowie handler – or maybe I’m not that important.) But, as somehow who at least tried, for calling the low turnout “cope,” go F yourself, mister politician guy.

The benefits of not showing up to these obvious entrapment schemes should be clear. Take a look at how the media is reporting on it (I blocked him right after taking the screenshot):

They have no option but to admit that nothing happened, and to throw out a few basic b*tch buzzwords. You probably heard very little about this rally today, and by tomorrow you will probably never hear about it again. This is a good thing.

Hilariously, the tweet basically confirms that the entire purpose of the thing is to simply draw out people to persecute, because of course the regime must meet its persecution quotas to justify itself.

I implore my wise and beloved readers to continue to stay away from these pointless demonstrations.