Planning Cosa Nostra: Part One

Paul Fahrenheidt

Paul Fahrenheidt

Many a man thought himself wise, but what he wanted he did not know.

Planning Cosa Nostra – An Introduction

Bronze Age Pervert has recently gifted us with two interesting titles: Our Thing, and the Side of Truth. Both of these have extreme potential, and both are evocative of the two-pronged nature of BAPesque thought. A name is a rune, both a secret and a symbol. And when one is deemed, the rune imbues the named with the magic of life.

Going forward, Our Thing should be referred to as such, perhaps with the undertone of its Italian translation in the minds of its members. Its implied name, the Side of Truth, convinces us that it is indeed, “Our Thing.” We’ve inherited the truth from poor stewards, and all we’re left with is ideas and memes which we’ve been tasked to shape into a cause.

To assist in this shaping, a blueprint needs to be created. One which refines the ideas espoused by BAP, Academic Agent, Moldbug, and countless other thinkers which we’ve claimed as a part of our coalition of thought. This has been done thoroughly by the Titan of thought, Francis Parker Yockey, in his The Enemy of Europe. To date, this is the only work I’ve come across which lists line by line that which is to be upheld, and that which is to be opposed. It is from his model that I have found the inspiration to create this blueprint.

This blueprint will be in five parts, each mirroring the five paragraph OPORD used by the United States Army. I use this model for three reasons. First, having been a member of the United States Military, the model is familiar to me. Second, the model covers everything a blue force needs to know during the circumstance of war, which we are currently in. Third, it provides a tangible thing which can easily be criticized, improved upon, and if need be, abandoned altogether. 

It is in the service of Our Thing, something which more than a few of us have built our lives around, that I dedicate this work to. If we do not continually refine and discipline ourselves into a movement worthy of the name, then we will be contained and destroyed by the Divide et Impera that has ended so many others.