Planning Cosa Nostra: Part Two

Paul Fahrenheidt

Paul Fahrenheidt

Many a man thought himself wise, but what he wanted he did not know.

Planning Cosa Nostra – Paragraph One

  1. Situation

    1. Enemy Forces

      1. Our enemy is everyone who is not us. Subversives, centrists, whomever your mind inserts, if they are not with us they are our enemies. Our enemy occupies superior terrain, in the form of absolute Media Control, deeply embedded bureaucracy and laws, and a populace in denial that they even exist. The weather blows in their favor, given how the past two years have granted them their greatest victories in the COVID fiasco and the Trump fortification.

      2. Their capabilities are as follows: Unlimited resources in the form of endless money and mobilization from large corporations and government bureaus. Control of the moral landscape, including the ability to cancel, de-platform, and censor all opponents once they become known. A network of subversion and misdirection which finds its strengths in influencing our friends to premature action, or to push compromise with and acceptance of the status quo. Increasing control of the apparatus of state, including the monopoly of force that all Governments hold, surveillance and arrest capabilities, and plausible deniability in the face of the untimely death of their detractors.

      3. Their probable course of action is to maintain their power, and to continue their consolidation towards their goal of a one-world government under their unquestioned rule. They will likely continue their tactics, and continue to escalate their use of force and punishment for disobedience.

    2. Friendly Forces

      1. The mission of our leaders is twofold: A) Establish a public populist political party, including patriotic unions in key sectors of trucking, policing, mining, and any other industrial sectors deemed crucial. B) Transition Our Thing into “Our Thing,” modeled upon organized crime in the past such as the Triads, the Dark Ocean Society, and the Latin Cartels with highly strict standards of entry and the shield of rumors.

      2. The mission of our friends is as follows: A) Continue to run political interference on our behalf by organizing rallies, protests, lawfare, and other such disruptions or obstacles. B) Raise families and have children inculcated in proper values, outside of the institutions of subversion.

      3. The mission of our supporters is as follows: A) Continue to support political candidates who even notionally support the Truth. B) Continue to oppose the regime in power at every turn on our behalf. C) Provide enough of a population base via the populist party to mobilize whenever it’s needed. Our supporters are the boomers, the dissatisfied WASPs, middle America as a whole, minorities not included or expelled by the regime, but NOT foreign actors.