Millenniyule Roundup #1



Neoreactionary and related analysis of politics and meta-politics

On Millenniyule 2021 (which I appeared on, link here), one of the main points of contention between the guests and audiences has been the dual issues of the biomedical tyranny of coronavirus lockdowns and forced vagseenations, and the demographics issue of the replacement of white people in their own countries.

The lynchpin of the contention was the first stream of the year, with Philosophicat, and a second AMA stream with her as a guest.

Philosophicat placed a strong emphasis on surviving vagseen tyranny as a primary goal, and stated that the demographics issue was already lost; essentially, that whites will not be able to prevent themselves from becoming a minority in most countries in which they are indigenous.

Other people were very angry with her for her “defeatist” stance on demographics, and even those who disagreed tactfully asserted strongly that the issue of demographics is the overriding concern of the so-called “dissident right.”

Millenniyule 2021 can be characterized by convergence toward agreement on core principles, mostly absent of serious contention. The bickering on this issue is both exceptional and highly unproductive, and must be resolved with haste.

Here is my proposal for doing so:

The coronavirus issue and the demographics issue are the same issue. In both cases, the government asserts a right to reshape the biological makeup of a nation according to the will of the ruling class, absent any sort of real popular consent. The coronavirus issue tends to be seen myopically in terms of this or that theory about what exactly is the true purpose of the vagseens, what the true origin of the coronavirus is, and to what extent all of this was planned; but teleologically, the coronavirus issue and demographics issue amount to the same thing. If you assert that a people has a right to self-determine their biological future and the biological future of their children, this resolves both issues in the same direction.

In fact, I don’t even see how one can hold a belief in biological self-determination and not oppose the biomedical tyranny. We either make the assertion that we have the right to secure the biological future of our people and their children against unwilling alteration, or we don’t. Adopting this position should bring both camps into happy unison without needing to get into any further into the coronavirus issue at all. An inability to adopt this position in an absolute sense will result in destruction from either end.