Gnosticism and Modernity

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One of the core principles of the authentic reactionary is the idea that all political problems are the result of theological problems, because all politics is on some level, a theology.

Thus, it is wrong for us to view the problems of modernity simply on the political level. Rather, we can ascribe anti-traditional happenings to outbreaks of heresy, or schism. But the most prominent recurring heresy is that of the Gnostic idea. Gnosticism is an idea almost as old as Christianity itself, which preaches, among other things, that every human contains a fragment of God, which has fallen into the material world. To Gnostics, the spiritual realm and the physical realm are in absolute opposition. The latter is evil, and must be transcended, but only a small elite group were given the requisite knowledge via Christ. But Gnostics believe that Christ was in his entirely a divine being, or a formation of divine energy that simply assumed the being of a man called Jesus Christ.  

This creed is familiar to us today. The religious idea so obviously implied in the formation of mass-franchise parliaments IS Gnosticism. What the demos decides is absolute and unchallengeable by any force BUT the demos, therefore it follows that a believer in democracy is also a Gnostic – he believes in the shared divinity of men.

There is the root evil that echoes in the work of the Philosophes, that man is in part a God, therefore man is Good. We Christians are intimately aware of the heresy that generates from such a position; therefore our faith demands from us a keen sense of humility, and a kind of ever-optimistic pessimism in the life most men will be content to lead. But what we also preach is the idea that every soul is capable of salvation, that every man has it within his nature to fight that which makes him fallen, and ascend to the kingdom of heaven, where the soul might one day reach perfection, but not in this life.

This is part of the reason why human societies cannot simply snap back into their traditional manifestation. The ideology and falsehoods preached by hundreds of years of modernity have convinced every man that he is divine, they have stripped him of the humility necessary for such a life. The axioms of tradition require a man to accept his place in the hierarchy of being, and to know deeply what is good for him and what is not.

Convinced for hundreds of years that they have been free from God, man continues to indulge in his orgy of pleasure and sin, never doubting that the God that will judge him is dead, but forgetting that the Satan to whom he is now indebted is very much alive.

Some reactionaries have tried to argue that we should be less harsh on Gnosticism, since it’s roots are in the Greek antiquity we so treasure. What they misunderstand is that Greek Antiquity’s first philosophical contribution to Christianity was the monasticism of the thinkers  – and we need not inherit every sectarian heresy that emanates from our past. Indeed, what makes the canon of Greek and Latin literature such a companion to later Christianity is that it is a pre-Gnostic invention. We can enjoy and learn without guilt. 

The Gnostic creeds contained within modernity are never preached directly. They are implicit in the profane acts that accompany it. Rather than reaching down and telling man that he is divine, Gnostic modernity encourages him to sin, to declare himself a King on earth, to proclaim rights only a God could enforce.

In conclusion, Gnosticism is the enemy of all that is Christian, it is the enemy of all that is traditional. It inhabits and animates every hideous facet of the modernity to which we are now subjected. I personally think of it as the philosophy set down by lucifer in his fit of usurpation. Remember this – that all politics is an act of religion, and we can either act in a way that is Christian, or a way that is anti-Christian. Heresy is not difficult to spot for we that know intimately the tricks of Satan.