A New Old South

Paul Fahrenheidt

Paul Fahrenheidt

Many a man thought himself wise, but what he wanted he did not know.

A common motif in my work on my beloved homeland has been, “Two seeds from Albion’s Tree.” These seeds fell from old Albion, seeds that contained the dueling strains which would come to blows over whether there would be two Americas de jure or two Americas de facto.  I plan to write two essays on this. This one, concerning the Cavalier’s seed, and a sequel, concerning Cromwell’s seed. 

Funnily enough, both seeds were planted in the New World before their differences fully flowered in the old (Violently so from 1642-1651.) This truth lends credence to the fact that all future great divisions and conflicts are visible and predictable in extremis to literally everyone with the slightest political consciousness. The Cavalier consciousness was transplanted to America in 1607, the Cromwellian consciousness in 1620, before the name Cromwell was known by anyone.

The seed planted at the mouth of the James grew into the Old Capital of the Old Dominion, Jamestown (first called James Fort,) which was essentially a mining operation set up by a corporate conglomerate and staffed by Mercenaries for defense (most notably, Captain John Smith.) From this seed grew Virginia, the grandest of the Old Colonies, and the first iteration of the operatic cycle which would become the Historia Americanum. Here was born the enterprising free-trader spirit, the will to power and open space, and its epitome in the frontier Aryan archetype we now know as “Cowboy.”

Was this not all started with Bacon’s rebellion in 1677? The most successful revolt of the periphery against the center in American history, where the frontier Virginians marched on Jamestown and burned it? Done entirely because of Nathaniel Bacon’s personal animosity towards the Nepotism of Governor Berkely? America was planted at Jamestown, but it was born in its burning ruins. Here was how the Cavalier acted in endless space.

The Slave Codes of 1705 which followed demonstrated that the Cavalier was a two-sided coin. The Cavalier consciousness made men aristocrats in every sense of the word, both landowning and military. And when the interests of those Frontiersmen clashed with the landowning Planters, a vicious cycle was kicked into motion. One which America needed not worry over, so long as there was open space in the west to keep the Frontier Warmasters who learned scalping from the Red Man far away from the nodes of power. 

But the zealots, those spiritual successors of Cromwell’s Lobsterbacks in the New Model Army, the Yankee Merchants and Witchfinder Priests of a self-made doctrine, trained their resentment toward their Cavalier cousins in a land not yet touched by fratricide. The Frontiersman and the Planter, the two kinds of Aryan aristocrat, recognized this enough to control the reins of power for as long as they could. But the consequences of its greatest champion, Andrew Jackson, disrupted the balance by reenacting Bacon’s Rebellion better than Shays did. By turning the Frontier Warmaster against the Landowning Planter, a big enough vacuum of power opened and the Yankee Merchants and Witchfinder Priests wriggled their way into it.

The two aristocrats realized what had been done too late, though they fought a desperate holding action against righteous indignation backed by more money than God. The war between the states was the last straw, and the ensuing slaughter of Southern Gentlemen and Western Scalp-Hunters was like amputating a limb of America’s culture bearing stratum. Reconstruction finished the job, though a few remnants held on until the torch passed to the White Trash (a term of endearment,) whose token resistance in George C. Wallace paved the way to a Southland made silent.

This brings us to today. The Cowboy lives on where the Cavalier does not, but the Cavalier can never truly be removed from America. It expresses itself in champions: The majority of successful American Generals in the Europäische Bürgerkrieg were southerners, more than a few directly descended from famous Confederate Generals (Simon Buckner Jr., Nathan Bedford Forrest III, and George Patton come to mind.) Even today, the southland contributes the most manpower to the fighting portion of America’s mercenary caste.

Which brings me to today, the dissident right or whatever we call ourselves. The world will not be righted until America is righted. America won’t be righted until its Culture-Bearing Stratum is restored to balance. The Culture-Bearing Stratum won’t be restored to balance until the South decides it would like to be the South again.

Countless cities called “Southern” have been lost already or will be lost in the coming decades. Atlanta, Austin, Charleston, Charlotte and Raleigh, Huntsville Alabama, Memphis, even Richmond, all lost to the waves of Carpet-baggers and Californians moving here and disrupting the culture. The remnants of Old Southern families are having their estates bought up by tech bros, their cities and suburbs being altered to shift the course of state politics. All because the weather is nice and the cost of living is cheap.

The amount of Southerners (Old Stock and otherwise) in these spheres is significant. The knowledge of the culture, the history, the proper way the place was ordered, all of it is available to the human stock we have present. The battle for Southern cities is lost, without a doubt. But what phrase has been uttered on the lips of many a Dixiecrat, trailer trash, and Old Moneyed Aristocrat alike?

The South will rise again!

I call on the men of the Southern Phoenix to reincarnate their own culture in ashes. It is their birthright, their destiny. America cannot be expected to right the wrongs it has been used to commit until this occurs. Both Warmaster Frontiersmen and Landowning Planters, their descendants and spiritual successors in the Cowboys and Free-holding Farmers, all must be called upon to Rebuild the Aristocracy of the South!