Meditations Upon the Ruins

Paul Fahrenheidt

Paul Fahrenheidt

Many a man thought himself wise, but what he wanted he did not know.

The US event was successful beyond any of our wildest imaginations. Not because of the camaraderie, though we found it in spades. Nor was it due to the networking, though many made lifelong acquaintances. Success came not from the ideas exchanged, nor from the amazing speeches given, though both will prove vital to our vision of the future. No, the US event was successful because one-hundred or so people came from completely separate places around the country, already agreeing on everything.

Allow me to emphasize the importance of this fact. It has long been held that when a conclusion is synchronous, or two people come to the same conclusion working completely separately without knowledge of each other, that is the best evidence for the truth of the claim. Though the men in this community have a common para-socially created culture, they still led different lives offline until this event. Yet when push came to shove, when sectarian tensions could have been inflamed, and when some of us were a tad “enthusiastic” about the solutions, agreement and cordiality ruled the day.

One-hundred men, some as young as eighteen, some as old as their sixties and everywhere in between, agreed on everything. Metaphysics and Faith is at the center of our vision. Our strength lies in building communities, in building friendships, in building value vis a vis each other. One hundred semi-synchronous conclusions were reached before this event even started. The event just proved it.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, this proves the hand of God is in our actions. We are to be his tools to build a brighter future, to restore his natural order to this profane material world, to bring an end to this Hell-world which we have inhabited for far too long. This event was the first flap of the wings of the butterfly.