Black Sun Rising

Paul Fahrenheidt

Paul Fahrenheidt

Many a man thought himself wise, but what he wanted he did not know.

September 7th, 2027

The day started early. We rose at 0300 and ran early morning drills until 0600. No breakfast. They told us “Real Aryans go without.” I believe them but I’m still hungry. We got an hour to wash up and get in garrisons. 0830 we got on trucks and went downtown, shelling stopped. Slept on the truck because SGT Copland was on another one.

0920ish we were in town. CPT Cruz was there, spoke to the PLs. I always wondered why we let subhumans like him in, and give them company commands. LT Milton briefed us, we were all wearing our black uniforms and red berets. “Get as many as you can. If they look like they’re old enough to fight, drag them along. If they fight back, knock them out.” I hate recruiting.

I try to avoid looking at the younger ones. We got the older ones a while ago. Aryans don’t need fifteen year olds to fight with them, why do they keep asking us for them? Same spiel, “The Aryan Battalion needs you to fight for your race.” I believe it but not because they do. Carter thinks its bs.

We get them through tons of ways, sometimes Tinder, sometimes we catch them flat footed. Sometimes we drug them, or just knock them out. 

Recruited all day, til 1600. Got fourteen, half were kids. Got back to Camp Himmler at 1700. We ate MREs at 1800, they gave us ten minutes. Back into fatigues, drills til 2200. Then lights out. Stayed up twenty minutes to write this.

September 11th, 2027

9/11. Yay. 26 years never forget. Carter got whipped for making that joke, Aryans don’t talk about degenerate Jewish America.

Same schedule as always. Saw the kids we recruited on Wednesday in their training company. The Drill shot one of them last night, apparently, skull didn’t match the proper measurements. Wonder if they ever measured CPT Cruz?

September 12th, 2027

Adolf Company got back from the trenches today. Always thought the names were too much, but whatever some of the young guys like it. They had all their SS runes and Sonnerands, on their helmets, one of them notched how many civilians he’d killed which was kind of comical. Another one was carrying around some poor Greenback’s head, helmet and all. Adolf is full of sickos.

Carter was talking a whole bunch of shit today, all through drills, STX lanes, Aryan science, all of it. Something about LTC Stewart and the new training company. I told him to shut the fuck up before he gets us shot as Commie-Jew subversives. He did, but I think someone said something because the Gestapo talked to me later today. We cleared it up and hailed many Hitlers.

If they find this journal I’m dead lol. We go to the trenches in three days.

September 15th, 2027

I suck at writing this but Gestapo are coming by more and more now. I get President Goodman is the Fuhrer and everything, but I don’t think having daily loyalty tests and skull measuring is necessary.

I’m sure the PLs have a group chat, they probably make memes of us getting smoked or fucking up. Sick fucks probably video the recruits eating mud and shit. I remember when I had to do that. Why the fuck do they get to keep their phones?

Real Aryans this, real Aryans that, they don’t even let us play Synthwave anymore. It’s “Degenerate Evolianism.” Whatever the fuck that means, like we wouldn’t forget why half of us joined in the first place.

Carter was right, overheard LT Milton talking shit with some LT from Adolf. Apparently Stewart is a perverted fuck and touches some of the kids. Heard Cruz takes it up the ass too. Some Aryans.

Those guys in suits came again today too, probably because we were going to the trenches. They said they were from the Government, that the Fuhrer was very proud of us, and that they were there to teach us how to use the new Arbalests. Sucks though cause we never got to shoot one. Too expensive they said.

Why the fuck are a bunch of skinheads and internet racists fighting for the Feds?

September 23rd, 2027

They shot Carter.

September 26th, 2027

He told LT Milton to go fuck himself when we got ordered to go over the top. He was right, it was suicide. Greenbacks had a whole fucking pillbox network set up. Surprised I made it back to be honest, kind of wish I didn’t.

Milton just shot Carter on the spot. Pulled out his pistol and just shot him. He put a second one in his head. SGT Copland didn’t say shit. He knew LT was fucked up and he didn’t say shit.

September 28th, 2027

We took 60% casualties so Bormann is coming off the line, Goering is coming to replace us. Heard half the kids we recruited got executed. One of the men in suits greeted us on the way out, stopped me and asked to talk once we got back to Himmler. Told him I didn’t much care what I used my time for.

Heard we’re getting inspected by Stewart once we get back. Hope someone finds this journal.