Chemically-induced Nuclear War



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I’ve been monitoring the situation on false flags since my last post on the topic. The deranged ruling elites of the American Empire continue publishing vague stories about various types of possible attacks from Russia. A few days ago, we saw a story about “evolving intelligence” (re: literally baseless claims) that warned of potential cyberattacks from Russia:

Baidan says: “I urge our private sector partners to harden your cyber defenses immediately.” The only thing that is going to be hardening is Baidan’s pp (also chemically induced) after his pro-pedophilia supreme court nominee is confirmed.

Today we say yet another story Russia possibly using biological or chemical weapons. Apparently, on February 28th, Baidan set up the “Tiger Team” (possibly the gayest name I’ve ever heard) to plan a response to Russia using chemical weapons in the Ukraine, the only event less likely to happen than Baidan achieving erection without an ungodly amount of blue chew and a 12 year old boy.

National security dummies are concerned that Russia might resort to chemical weapons if their invasion struggles. Mainstream media is constantly reporting that Russia is struggling. You are being primed to accept their premise.

The Tiger Team gave a timeline of its assessment to be three months of conflict. We have already seen one month of conflict. That means that the end of May is the target date. Pay attention to repeated mentions of any date, as this will also be an element of priming for any potential false flag.

This NBC article says:

“A chemical or biological attack would mark a dramatic escalation for a conflict in which Russia has increasingly turned its attacks on civilian areas. These types of weapons would also risk spilling over into neighboring NATO countries such as Poland — raising the question of whether the alliance would have to respond.”

They are priming you to believe that if their chemicals weapons scenario happens, the ruling elites will simply have no choice but to “respond” (re: destroy the world in nuclear fire), thus, in their view, absolving them of responsibility. They simply had no choice….

Pay attention to this narrative. It will likely remain present at all times, more or less, but there may be subtle patterns that might help us predict when and what could happen, and more importantly, help us be prepared to disabuse anyone of the notion that Russia would ever use biological or chemical weapons in this war.