The Grand Tour

Paul Fahrenheidt

Paul Fahrenheidt

Many a man thought himself wise, but what he wanted he did not know.

The Scyldings U.S. event was less than three months ago. Yet it simultaneously feels as though it was yesterday and ten years ago. For those of my readership who were present, the energy it captured was unlike anything we’d ever experienced. It was a room of one-hundred or so focused, energetic, and hopeful young men. I have been on a permanent supply of whitepills since.

At the event, one of the topics broached was the building of parallel networks. Whether it be a means of hiring contractors sympathetic to our views to renovate your house, or a right-wing financial advisor you can trust to invest with your best interests in mind. All of this is being made possible by the efforts of our friends.

With this in mind, I write this short piece to announce my own contribution to the matter. At the event, I proposed the idea of “Based” or “Right-Wing” Hostels, where friends could stay with friends for any reason, instead of being price gouged by Airbnb or Hotel costs. The idea was shared to great reception, and has been frequently talked about since the event. 

Therefore, I am happy to announce that I am planning a Hostel-building trip across the eastern half of the United States in the late May to Early June timeframe. This trip will take me across the United States, staying with friends and colleagues met during the U.S. event, in order to lay the foundations and test the feasibility of such a network. It is my hope that by next year’s U.S. event, I will have the first edition of a “Right-Wing Green Book” available to trusted friends.

My goal to make this trip a success is to raise $2,000 via crowd-funding, in order to pay for the rental car, gasoline, and food, but NOT lodging, as the whole point of the trip is to stay with friends. These funds will go directly towards the Green Book project, which I will post more information about in the future. If anyone would like to contribute, please contact me via Twitter DMs, Telegram, or on Matrix so I can send you the PayPal link.

I will be heavily documenting the goings on of this trip, the personages and camaraderie of our friends, and the different places of this land I will be traveling. If any friends would like to be visited, or would be willing to host (Our route will not be published exactly due to OPSEC reasons,) and they live in the Eastern United States, I ask them to contact me as well.

I hope this trip will only be the first of many efforts from the guys in our thing. I see nothing but success coming from it. If there’s any interest in donation, hosting us, and/or providing your information for the hostel network, please contact me.

I look forward to seeing all of you.