Roe v. Wade



Neoreactionary and related analysis of politics and meta-politics

The Distributist articulated very well my initial reaction to hearing the possibility of Roe v Wade being overturned. My initial reaction was “Oh no. This is going to undermine our narrative.” The Distributist made a similar comment shortly after this timestamp:

“And in many ways, it creates a huge narrative problem for us.”

It’s time to talk about this now. I didn’t want to rain on the parade, at first, because the moral and morale victory needed to be celebrated.

The Party is always winning the war, but it needs to needed a low-risk narrative/battle that would generate the necessary hype on the two sides of the war.

Democracy is like an ongoing civil war where the two sides agree to not actually fight. In order to keep this war virtualized, The Party has to let the other side win sometimes. This is basic psychology stuff, when you play with another creature, you can’t win every time, even when you easily can. Otherwise, it will stop playing the game. If the Right stops playing the game of democracy, and starts doing anything real, then that presents an actual threat to The Party.

Sometimes, things leak out of the virtualized environment. This could be one of them, if the overturn goes through. The regime has to take minor L here, because they so grossly overstepped with the vagseens and masks mandates and etc. This battle is low-risk for the The Party because any leakage into the real world (e.g., an actual reduction, even a sharp one, in abortions) doesn’t actually matter to The Party. In some way, this is not an L at all. The right-wingers will be placated, and Party lackeys now have a fresh and infuriating issue to energize them, which reinforces The Party.

The right-wingers being placated is the important part. The right is getting increasingly tired of this pretense of democracy (the fake battle instead of a real one). We on the Dissident Right (ugh) have been strongly putting forward the narrative that there is no political solution, that we cannot achieve our ends within the system, that there needs to be a reset: we need to “clear them out” in order to dispatch with the abuses of the current governing elite. This apparent huge moral win completely undermines that narrative, because normie conservatives are now going to be inclined to entertain less radical ideas. After all, why consider flipping the table and causing a big mess when it doesn’t seem absolutely necessary.

We will win when the Right collectively understands the absolute necessity of “cleaning them out,” and not a moment before. Anything that pushes that moment further into the future is only going to make our more proximate future that much more brutal and miserable. It’s going to be that much more difficult now to push our (true) narrative into the minds of our people. I hope you’re all up to the task.