The Enemy and His Host

Paul Fahrenheidt

Paul Fahrenheidt

Many a man thought himself wise, but what he wanted he did not know.

It is no secret that our enemies are a collection of Elites, overlapping and cooperative, who control nearly every (official) facet of our society. This has been made clear in Mr. Parvini’s The Populist Delusion (which can be purchased here,) vis a vis its concise and well-argued survey of Elite Theory. Conceptually, these spheres are leaps and bounds ahead of where they were in 2017, and on that Wednesday afternoon in January of last year. Back then, we disagreed on what our enemy was. Now, we only disagree on who our enemy is.

It is this particular disagreement that we should seek to resolve and quickly. Lord knows that our enemies know who we are, and each passing hour gives them time to prepare against us. Only when we conclusively determine our enemies beyond a shadow of a doubt, can we begin the next steps to overthrow the Satanic World Order.

I invoke the name of the “great” deceiver as he is our enemy, first and foremost. What follows is the truth at its most brutal:

Lucifer is not a concept.

Lucifer is not other people.

Lucifer exists.

Lucifer is on this Earth right now.

He is tangible. One could very possibly have a conversation with him, and it’s highly possible that many among the dear readership have, whether they knew it or not. And he is glittering. He is charismatic. He is intelligent and seems to have all of the answers to our problems. I know not when he will reveal himself, but we’ll all know when he does. Regardless, even Lucifer alone cannot propagate Globohomo.

A truth which often falls into the cracks when discussing Elite Theory, is that the Elites are not a monolith, nor are they an autonomous caste. The Elites have their own hierarchy within their caste, Elites more or less privy to information on their specific field, and those of their friends or relations. It is through this hierarchy of Elites that Lucifer directs his will.

I tell the dear reader as was told me:

Lucifer has zero power. He can only tempt. Cast doubt. Obscure. No man falls to him that did not actively want to do so and continues to do so. Any belief or faith in God, Jesus Christ, and the gods of out Fathers whatsoever completely and utterly protects you from any of Lucifer’s machinations. That is why we’re all here, in these spheres at the cost of normal existence within society.

We have been chosen by God and gifted an internal drive against Lucifer and all he stands for. Should we fail, the deceiver will triumph, and any semblance of culture, of beauty, of God’s love reflected on the planet will die forever. Until God begins anew.

But I digress. Were we simply fighting Lucifer alone, this battle would have been won already. But we’re not fighting Lucifer alone. Lucifer rules through a cadre of elites beneath him; tools of his will who have willingly corrupted themselves and their progeny for hundreds if not thousands of years. Right now, they concentrate in America as America is the world’s great power, but they’re no more American than they were English when they ruled over England.

These people go back a very long time. Their family names have changed, different lines have taken the head, some have gone extinct to be replaced by others. Before America it was England, before England it was the Netherlands, before the Netherlands it was Vienna and Madrid, before Vienna and Madrid it was Venice, before Venice it was Constantinople, before Constantinople it was Carthage, before Carthage it was Tyre, all the way into the realm of pre-History and semi-myth.

These families are not a myth though. Nor are their scions who made pacts with Lucifer to follow his will in exchange for the wealth and power of the world. Traditionally, Lucifer and the Demons of Hell (in Christian and pre-Christian mythology alike) have been associated with rocks, mining, and precious stones. Hell is below. Underneath the Earth. And it provides baubles and trinkets that warp the hearts of men when gazed upon.

“Money (Gold) is the root of all evil.” Or, as a good friend of mine likes to say, “If God isn’t real, why do our enemies worship Satan?” Truisms are very helpful when determining political and metaphysical questions. Wealth gained by hard work, sacrifice, smart business decisions, and originality differs entirely from the scale, speed by which it was gained, and plausibility of the wealth that Lucifer’s Elites have access to.

Lucifer’s Elites are not an ephemeral concept. They are not (always) shadowy figures in a cigar-smoke filled backroom. They have names and they have histories. Many of the readership may recognize some if not all of these retainers. For them, pacts with the Morningstar are a family business which stretches back millennia into civilizations many of you may not even believe to have existed. Directly beneath Lucifer sit thirteen families. Beneath these thirteen families sit another three-hundred lesser but extremely powerful families. These families have changed names, certain lines have died, other lines have lost prominence, but these are the Thirteen we know of today:

1.	Astor
2.	Bundy
3.	Collins
4.	DuPont
5.	Freeman
6.	Kennedy
7.	Li
8.	Onassis
9.	Reynolds
10.	Rockefeller
11.	Rothschild
12.	Russel
13.	Van Duyn

One or more of these could be outdated or incorrect, yet this is the structure of Lucifer’s Elites. Of course, beneath them are lesser families such as Windsor (von Saxe-Coburg und Gotha,) Bush, Clinton, Morgan, Krupp, and any number of others.

Allow me to acknowledge much of the reader’s skepticism, which may or may not exist. Many of the dear readership who’ve deep-dived into older conspiracy theories may recognize these names from the work of Mr. Fritz Springmeier. While at first glance, the provocative titles and criminal charges against Mr. Springmeier’s work may be off-putting, the amount of research in he has performed cannot be ignored. Said research into connections between Lucifer, the Thirteen Families, the New World Order, the U.S. Gov’t and Intelligence apparatus, and the Freemasons have been directly corroborated by my good friend Matty (@BloodOnThePalms on Twitter,) and his recent documentary Blood On The Palms, which can be watched here.

Should the reader dismiss me as having gone too far into “Q” territory, or having begun pointing at more mainstream conspiracy theories instead of more esoteric (and frankly, more impersonal) theories of “NGOs,” “Finance Elites,” “Media,” etc., I say that none of these more “Realistic” theories have been satisfactory to explain the full scope of the problem. While NGOs, Finance firms, the Media, Governments, etc. may all be in their hierarchy, it’s the equivalent of attacking the Hydra’s toes.

Another question may be hanging over the reader’s head: “What about the Jews?” I believe they fit into the same “Attacking the Hydra’s toes” metaphor. Although, instead of the toes, they’re a head. I have said before that our great enemy is not the Jews because, frankly, Jews are pretty stupid. They’re good at what they’re good at (Accounting, loan-sharking and producing Porn,) but beyond that they become ineffectual. They are certainly a tool used by Lucifer, and at least one of the Thirteen families comes from this stock. But like the theories of NGOs, Finance, etc., i.e., some impersonal and ephemeral force being the root of our problems, blaming it all on this one group of people has never felt satisfying.

Should the reader at least entertain my proclamations, the question of, “What can we do?” may be raised. I propose the following:

We, being the side of truth, the side of God, the rebels against Hell, must gather resources such as money, power, and cooperation. But we are fools if we decide to gather resources to try and match Lucifer or his Elites, because we simply cannot make them appear from nothing like the “King” of hell can. If the entirety of these right-wing spheres spent the rest of their lives working to acquire resources, we wouldn’t even gain a 10th of what a single one of Lucifer’s thirteen, or even the three-hundred beneath them, have access to on the day they were born.

Rather, we have powers that they do not, and access to forces that they could never hope to touch. Powers like originality, cultural creativity, courage, willingness to sacrifice, love of the truth, and the backing of God himself. These are what we ought to focus on, and are the only way we can win. Richard Wagner himself discovered this when he wrote the Good Friday music in Parzival, when Wagner finally freed himself from the Faustian bargain the world had made with Lucifer.

Our enemies are not shadowy, vague, impersonal forces of nature without faces or names. As a matter of fact, this line of thinking is something our enemies directly seek to encourage and promote. This is because you can’t visualize systems but you can visualize people. If you can’t visualize your enemy, then you do not know them.

Our enemies exist. They can be known very easily. They can be planned around. Most importantly, they can be defeated. So long as we stay the course and true to God, we will triumph.