Freedom Forever

Paul Fahrenheidt

Paul Fahrenheidt

Many a man thought himself wise, but what he wanted he did not know.

Good afternoon, all.

This is a missage to inform the dear readers, be the subscribers free, premium, or guests on this page that as of this moment until the end of my time on God’s Green Earth, I will not charge a cent for any content I create.

All of my Podcasts are now open and free for all to listen to. Any new ones I create will be just as free as my previous ones are now. I am posting this as a courtesy to those who are paying me for content and would like to use that money for better ends.

Should you feel compelled, the option to pay me $5 a month will remain should the dear reader wish to support my activities. You will receive nothing from such an arrangement save for my eternal gratitude.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me thus far, and may God bless and keep all of you.

Ever your most humble servant,

– Paul Fahrenheidt.