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A few days ago Pedro Gonzales poasted on Twitter one of those cyclic diagnoses of how the alt-right or dissident right or whatever name it’s going by these days has lost it’s way, is confused, is stagnant, etc.… Frankly, the post pissed me off, mainly because of the thought “who the fuck are you to tell us we’re imploding?”

But, since Pedro is a friend, I wont spend any more time roasting this—forgive me for the necessity of getting this off my chest. In this article I want to address what might be the deeper reason why we seem to be on a sort of treadmill on the Dissident Right™.

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I was happy to see that Millennial Woes posted a lengthly Telegram post basically teeing up into exactly what I wanted to write about:

“Some people (only a very few, I emphasise) have taken exception to my defending the Ayatollah yesterday. He had (or has) a relationship with a mixed-race woman, and these people doubt that he is completely white himself.

Here’s the thing. Unlike a lot of ideologically immaculate people in this movement, the Ayatollah has never, to my knowledge, harmed me. He has never spread rumours about me, tried to sabotage me, or encouraged others to disavow me. He has got on with his work and I have got on with mine. So when he is publicly attacked by the establishment, why should I not defend him? Because he is not perfect? Well, are we in a position to make “perfect” the enemy of “good”? Do we have that luxury? The answer is no, we do not. Apparently this needs to be spelled out for some people.

Of course, I myself am not immaculate. I have a past – more than half my life ago – that people dredge up to “explain” why I am not an ideological purist. In truth, the reason I am not an ideological purist is that I have a sense of proportion and realism. I recognise that what matters is the goal, and that being too fussy about the means will stop us from achieving the ends. Yes, there are going to be people who don’t conform to the ideal, and there are going to be people with less-than-perfect pasts. Get over it and join the adult world: this is how life is.

The alternative is that all such people must be disavowed. That includes me, of course. I am – or least was – one of the most prominent people in this movement, someone trusted by many, someone who is (though I say so myself) productive and useful to this community. Yet, according to these spergs, I should be driven out. Really, how clueless and self-sabotaging can you be…?

There are people who join this movement but come to regret it, because of the exact antisocial attitude being demonstrated by a few voices over the last 24 hours. It’s a purity-spiralling contingent of people who look for any reason to disavow others – like crabs in a bucket sniping at each other while our enemy watches and laughs. This antisocial attitude produces a nasty atmosphere that ordinary people find repugnant and demoralising. They are driven away, leaving the spergs to attack each other over which of them is the best Aryan incel. Just fucking nauseating.

These men no doubt consider themselves masculine, but their behaviour is very feminine. The goal is forgotten in favour of obsessing, like a prissy schoolgirl or a crazed menopausal schoolmarm, over a consensus and whether everyone is conforming to it. Men, which you aspire to be, do not behave like this.

The best example is Fuhrerious. In my chat, he declared he would never stop attacking the Ayatollah, and challenged me to ban him. I banned him. Even though he was still following me on multiple platforms and therefore clearly found my posts worthwhile, he took revenge by making several posts attacking me and my credibility. Again, very feminine behaviour – emotional, vengeful and inconsistent. This lack of self-reflection results in a person who is a liability, and I have learned to avoid such people like the plague.

I don’t know what the Ayatollah’s ethnic background is, and I don’t much care. His work clearly benefits our cause and our community. Given those factors, he could be as black as the ace of spades and I would still support him. The very idea that somebody should work for our cause and then, when they are publicly mauled for doing so, we should punish them further by throwing them under the bus… is just so gormless I can hardly believe it.

What on earth are you people thinking? The penalty for being involved in our movement is already very high, but you want to make it even higher by denying people support from within the movement as well? Are you insane? Just how many useful people do you want to turn away? Just how antisocial an atmosphere do you want in this, a social enterprise? Just how much failure and dysfunction will you engender before you wise up? Get back in your mothers’ basements, you fucking morons.”

This character “The Ayatollah” was doxxed by the media in the typical gruesome way:

I have no idea who this guy is, but Millennial Woes linked the The Ayatollah’s response on Telegram here, if you want to read it:

What Woes says is true, although I think it may not be “only a very few,” but far too many. One of the reasons I shut down my Telegram chat and extricated myself from Discord is because right-wing chats tend to fill with the most hateful and sociopathic people on the planet, which is why I opt to only allow comments here exclusively from paid subscribers.

The dissident right has a real problem, and that problem is that the people who follow and fund us and the people whom we actually want to reach are basically two entirely different audiences, and the audience we are connected to is filled with too many people of dismal character who most of us would otherwise want nothing to do with.

Like Mr. Woes, I am no exemplar myself, but damn, some of y’all are seriously fucked up. Perhaps consider this post an open letter to those of you who aren’t—the problem we need to overcome is the gap between our current audience and the “mainstream” audience. Think what you may of Curtis Yarvin, but he is proactively closing this gap. (Pedro has also made some achievements.) Additionally, the IRL Events that have been happening with increasingly frequency help close this gap as well. They at the very least select for pro-social people who can make those inroads with all of the normal people out there.

Obviously, we regard ourselves as “normal,” and it is the vast majority of the rest of the people in our countries who have been propagandized and bullied into believing radically self-harming ideas that can be at the highest level described as “egalitarian.” Nevertheless, the broader public would see us as highly abnormal were they to glimpse us directly, which is why “hiding your power level” tends to be a social necessity. That being said, this is really only necessary due to the lack of “respectability.” To overcome this gap, the right needs to establish “respectability.”

When we gather in person and look good, when we pen authoritative articles, and when we behave with genteel manner, we create an aura of respectability that is impossible to impune. One of the reasons I write my Book Notes series is to help others gain an advantage in authority. 99% of people have zero quotes or citations or any real knowledge whatsoever on the subjects we talk about. If you even read once such book, you’ll be able to speak with genuine authority on subjects, which is utterly captivating to most people. Try it some time. It’s actually quite easy to put people in a trance when you speak authoritatively on any subject. It doesn’t even have to be political. But it does have to be honest.

Certainly, some people will take this article the wrong way. Contrary to what some may believe, I don’t rate myself particularly high within our sphere in intellect, knowledge, or creativity, but I do believe that what I have to offer is telling it like it is without regard to whether or not it makes me more or less popular. I really couldn’t care less about that sort of thing. My mind is always on the mission.

I wouldn’t be surprised if none of the sociopathic elements even read this article, but it doesn’t matter. This is article is not for them, it is for you, the pro-social right winger who can’t figure out why we seem to be going in circles. My take is that it’s not about finding the right combination of religious, political, or economic ideas—it’s not even about us. It’s about who we are speaking to. The question is not about quantity, but quality. Instead of being in this loop where the alternative right slowly grows but basically recycles itself every five years, we need to focus out efforts on reaching a fundamentally different type of person. A YouTuber could grow his audience under current circumstances to 100,000, but most of what he is doing is just cloning the same guy over and over again. What he should do is not figure out how to dispense more red-pills, but how to reach more pro-social people. If those 100,000 were all highly functional, well connected members of society, and none of them were autistic 4chan weirdos, he would be gold. Anyone who knows the first thing about advertising or marketing is that it is not so much about reaching more people, but the right people.

The big question for us participants in this great culture war is, how do we make this qualitative jump from a weird internet movement to a ubiquitous part of the tangible social fabric? It’s perhaps the biggest hurdle we have to get over, bigger than all of the arguments and debates we’ve had amongst ourselves for years. In some sense, we are held back by what we are—including our dependence on the people who make up what the dissident right currently is. The good news is that making this jump is possible. Companies do pivot successfully, although it is extraordinarily difficult. Often, they are ruined or corrupted by it. An example that will be close to home for many of us is the entire video games industry. I think Patriotic Alternative in Great Britain is making an admirable effort at it, but it’s really in America that we need to do this. The question is, how do we pivot to reach that delicious big juicy pie of the mainstream without betraying our autistic 4chan weirdo roots? Certainly, many iterations of right-wing political movements have tried, and become corrupted in the attempt.

Where are in that phase right now, which I think plays into this sense of unease. We know our own history. We know how corrupt the establishment is. We know that every man who has tread here before us has failed. It’s like stepping into the mouth of Hell. It seems as though the only two possibilities before us are to become utterly corrupted by that step, or to avoid it and become a completely sidelined and virtually irrelevant kook figure.

Anyway, that’s my thoughts on why this periodic idea of malaise is making the rounds again. This will keep happening until the core of the malaise is addressed. It’s not because our ideas are entering the mainstream, as Pedro suggests. It’s a permanent part of our collective psychology, until we identify and overcome the root cause. Unfortunately, the vector that I believe leads us out of this does not involve brave men of Dixie waiting to don their grays, but dumb, fat, and deracinated whites who are are difficult to set one’s gaze upon without a deep sense of pity.

Hopefully, this does not come off as mean-spirited as I feel it might, but I’ve never been here to tell you what you want to hear, only what I think needs be said. I wrote this entire article before viewing the over 700 comments on the post from Millennial Woes posted, and after reading them, I feel it is appropriate to press the “Publish” button.

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