Important Ukraine War Update



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I’ve just been shown some new information on the war in Ukraine that casts the entire conflict in a new light. I present here a summary of my key takeaways. This information comes from a video recorded on September 23rd:

The host of the show “IvanTheHeathen,” is a Ukrainian native who speaks Ukrainian, Russian, and English (obviously). You should watch the entire video yourself, but here is the basic summary:

On February 24th, 2022, the Ukrainian government was filled with fifth-columnists who intended to surrender the country to Russia. This goes all the way up to President Zelensky himself, who was not, in fact, a western stooge, but a Russian one. President Zelensky had issued orders to the Ukrainian military designed to allow the Russian army to simply march into the country and take it over without a fight; however, Ukrainian generals loyal to Ukraine, and not its jewish President, disobeyed orders and arranged for a real defense of Ukraine. What proceeded to happen is that the Russian military marched into the country as planned, but began to face opposition that it not only did not expect, but was entirely unprepared for. The military force that Mr. Putin sent into Russia was nothing more than a military parade that would accept the surrender of Ukraine and cede control over the country, in whole or in part, to Russia. Mr. Putin made the grave mistake of believing that President Zelensky was Ukraine, when in fact, he was not. Russia therefor found itself in a war that was not supposed to happen.

I find the gentleman’s take very compelling, because the narrative he presents explains many mysterious things about this war that I have yet to make sense of. Please note, I also find his own reasoning for why you should trust him compelling, but I would be more skeptical if his story did not possess the explanatory power that it does.

Here is some of what the video explains, roughly in chronological order:

1) The immense Russian death toll at the beginning of the war.

When the war began and we were told by the western media that thousands of Russian soldiers were being killed on a daily basis, we didn’t believe it; but it may be the case that these figures are basically accurate (maybe it was “only” hundreds per day). Regardless of the Russian military forces present on Ukrainian soil, these forces were not arranged in battle formation, but as a military parade; and it was a military parade that was ambushed, a parade that was told that they would not face resistance.

2) The bizarre Russian paratrooper operations.

Russia paratroopers and special forces were dropped in key locations at the beginning of the war, only to be utterly blown out. WTF? It just doesn’t make sense why they would be deployed in positions where they would be hopelessly outgunned. It does make sense if the purpose was to keep up the pretense of an invasion while the reality was (supposed to be) that surrender had already taken place.

3) The Kiev “offensive.”

What’s up with the aborted offensive on Kiev (and Kharkov). The Russians made a blitz toward the city and then stopped on the outskirts, seemingly devoid of the numbers of men and equipment necessary to siege a city of that size. It was obvious that Russia did not have the tools available to take the city. Surely, the Russian military planners were not that dumb? Well, the answer is that there was never supposed to be an “offensive.” The Ukrainian army was put out of position by Zelensky so that the Russians could quickly march in and appear to cut the head off the snake. His own generals disobeyed him and countered the Russian attempt.

4) Why did Russia take over so much land in the first 2 months and then stall?

None of the “offensives” that took place in the early parts of the war were offensives at all. They were not real military operations. The Russians basically walked in to deliberately undefended territory until reaching the actual defenses that patriotic Ukrainian generals were able to throw together, despite President Zelensky’s deliberate undermining of the military. Russia’s most elite units were caught off guard and wiped off the board by that defense, which slowed their operations even more.

5) Why is Zelensky constantly running around the world on apparent diplomatic missions? Shouldn’t he be in Ukraine, directing the war effort?

It is simple: the less time President Zelensky spends in Ukraine, the fewer opportunities there are to detain him in a military coup; additionally, by securing relationships with NATO to support the war, he is making himself more essential to the Ukrainian military effort. If President Zelensky were actually directing the war effort, Ukraine would have surrendered in February or March.

6) What’s up with the Kharkov offensive? How did Ukraine actually pull this off, and why did it take so long?

The Ukrainian military hid the operation from their government. President Zelensky and his faction are currently prosecuting Ukrainian heroes who stood up and defended the country. He is actively undermining the war effort, and therefore the operation had to be kept secret even from the Ukrainian government. In reality, Ukraine has two governments—the civilian (traitor) government of President Zelensky, and a separate semi-self-governing military. Zelensky is now actively playing both sides, keeping his options open with Mr. Putin and with the West.

7) Why has Russia’s response been so schizo? e.g., we are still selling gas to Europe actually NO, we are cutting off the gas!

Russia was caught completely with its pants down when it found itself in an actual war. In effect, the trap set for Russia was even worse than any of us in the west thought. Many of us believe that Mr. Putin was drawn into a war by the West that he had at least planned for, but it appears that this was not the case, and therefore Russia’s political response has been awkward, to say the least.

8) What’s up with the nuclear threats from Russia?

I know a lot of people will “well, actually” this, but let’s be real—whatever language it’s couched in, Russia is making nuclear threats to the West. This is not meant as a moral judgement, it’s just a fact; and the answer as to why is that Russia basically lost its army in the initial failed operations, and is now working with a debilitated force that has lost most of its best men and equipment. This is a dire situation, so of course Russia will, in its desperation, make these threats.

9) Why does Mr. Putin never mention Zelensky?

If you pay attention to his official statements, you will notice that Mr. Putin rarely, if ever, mentions President Zelensky. He makes much more frequent reference to “the West.” You would think that he would mention the leader of the country that his country is at war with more often. The answer is that President Zelensky is Russia’s greatest ally—he is still trying to undermine the Ukrainian war effort, in this weird triple-cross game. Zelensky went being a stooge for Russia to a stooge for NATO while still ultimately trying to give Mr. Putin the victory.

10) Thomas777 has pondered why Mr. Putin has been such a bad military leader; why didn’t he storm across Ukraine with armored divisions? Why such a half-assed approach?

The answer is basically the same as 4)—Mr. Putin did not plan for a real war. He planned for a phony war that was effectively just a disguised political coup.

11) Academic Agent asks: Why doesn’t Putin just declare war?

The answer is again the same—there was never supposed to be a war.

Obviously, there is a war now. Mr. Putin is mobilizing the country for war. Regardless as to whether or not NATO started the war, it’s running it now. Even given Russia’s blunders, Ukraine would be totally outmatched without NATO support; with NATO support, the war will be grueling for Russia, and could possibly bring down the Russian Federation, which would be absolutely terrible. Mr. Putin is not lying when he says that Russia is at war with the West, and the more desparate the situation, the more likely it is that the war escalates, all the way up to nuclear conflict. This would be especially bad if the Russian Federation collapsed and the Russian nuclear arsenal ended up in the hands of various Slavic warlords contending for power.

Make no mistake, if this information presented by the gentleman in the video is accurate, the global situation is dire. It would be one thing if Russia was as in as strong a position as it appears to be from the West, and quite another if Russia is finding itself in an increasingly desparate situation that was entirely unplanned for.

That being said, Mr. Putin has built/is building a significant number of partnerships in Asia. I think it can be said that this situation was not entirely unplanned for on his part, at least on a political level. How stable these relationships are remain to be seen—there has been some rumor of the possibility of a military coup against Mr. Putin, and there is currently something going on in China and with President Xi. Whatever the case may be, we should continue to desire a quick negotiated settlement to this war, before things get more out of hand than they are.

NATO and the American government especially is acting particularly retarded in this situation. I believe Mr. Putin’s nuclear threats, and I also believe that the American government does not believe him, and worse than that, actively seeks the complete demise of the Russian Federation—possibly the single most insane policy the American government is prosecuting at the moment, and that is saying quite a lot, given the state of the world in 2022. Ukraine is way outside of anything that could be said to be within the legitimate American sphere of influence, and America/NATO should be staying out of this conflict.

God have mercy on us in the times ahead.