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Elon Musk now owns Twitter.

I’m going to make this short, as the news events are still relatively unfolding. This isn’t the first time we’ve done this, talking about Twitter, which we did when Jack Dorsey left.

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However Top Twitter execs, including CEO Parag Agrawal, policy head Vijaya Gadde, CFO Ned Segal, and general counsel Sean Edgett have been fired by Elon Musk upon his takeover of the social media company. While it’s certainly pleasant to know that the symbolic faces of the company and America’s ethnic nepotism within tech have been escorted out of the building, my gut reaction is what I wish to elaborate on further.

Elon is not /ourguy/ by any means and I hope that Trump and the dozens upon dozens of Mel Gibson Fan accounts come back, I fear that this may be another political pressure release valve for the genuine issues that do exist within tech. Again, this is my usual style of looking at things; that of cautious optimism. Yes, it’s great that someone who is relatively independently wealthy (Musk enjoys market manipulation from how he tweets plus his relationship to USG however,) and not someone like the cretins that were running this place after Dorsey had left. Although, one should ask in retrospect, how much power did Dorsey have in the face of the managerial and legal machine over at Twitter? I mean, thanks to Joe Rogan and Tim Pool of all people, Vijaya Gadde became the face of Twitter’s alleged censorious practices more than Jack ever was, which had rang true especially during and after the 2020 election.

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Elon however, is not an idiot. Say what you will about him personally, a guy like that doesn’t get there without having some sort of knack making things happen. Consider this article some ideas and suggestions from your friendly neighborhood frog.

Shake Things Up

Many twitter employees and those who work the tech-beat consider you an anti-semite, fascist, troll, etc., etc. I think anyone who looks at who you are and what you do will know that’s not the case. Your open letter to advertisers made it clear you’re not making this place a platform for radicals, although tipping things a little more fairly, like bringing back Trump would be a good idea.

Speaking of Trump, learn from his mistakes. Unlike the US Federal Government, you don’t have employees that are almost impossible to fire. Thankfully, you don’t have that problem.

With Gadde out, this doesn’t mean that Gadde loyalists or who oppose the fact that they work for Elon Musk may do things to oppose you. Be sure to let them go, the tech sector is as incestous as G.R.R.M.’s fantasies. The scales aren’t quite balanced in the marketplace of ideas, and perhaps that can change but only time will tell. However Twitter, alongside other platforms and political environments, develops that incestous ecology that seems to be the tech sector. Although I’m sure you can see from the fall-out, the space has given individuals who work in various positions the feeling like their “protected status” is at risk.

As this “Do Something” Twitter guy says here:

However, consider the type of person you do want running things on twitter, this chicken.

While there was one alternative called Tribel that I saw from the lovely Partisans at Occupy Democrats, it is important to note that while individuals on the right have a higher propensity to be banned than the left does, the left’s so called “liberal bias” of reality exists when basic factors like pattern recognition and biology are deemed racist and some kind of phobic. If you want to see this in action, see how Matt Yglesias is constantly corrected by Mr. Steve Sailer.

Overall, whatever you’re going to do, be aware of the fundamental impact it’s going to have on discourse in American politics as well as the politics of other nations, strategic campaigns of national governments, and how our own bubbles may be popped by any policies you take. However, expect resistance at every step inside your company and from the government. Act accordingly.

Final Thoughts As the News Unfolds

So I didn’t expect that bit to go on as long as it did, so I’ll get to some of my more immediate takes. Apparently as I was writing this, I saw this newsflash get retweeted.

How true this is, I don’t know, but if come Monday everyone’s favorite Orange Man is tweeting again, then we’re just so fucking back. Even if liberals leave in droves, they too will find out (at least at first) just how awful most alternatives to twitter are. Twitter is where bangers become the news chyrons of the cable networks and so on. Where powerful mutuals become guests on Tucker Carlson Originals.

I expect Elon will face resistance on the inside as well as the outside, after all, Twitter alongside every other major tech and media platform helped play a major role in the fortification of the 2020 election, and presumably will continue to do so for the midterms. I don’t expect major changes, but even if the scales are tipped ever so slightly in a Sargon-esque taste of classical liberalism that Elon seems to be going on about, then that would improve the birdapp substantially. It’s all going to be regime approved stuff anyways, let’s not kid ourselves here.

This is however certainly the biggest October Surprise of the 2022 Midterms, but maybe not the most radiological. A more in-depth analysis will be necessary, especially if a new TOS comes out the Elon Twitter Regime.

Until then, enjoy the memes and the news, but continue to stay watchful and always keep your eye on the ball.

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