The Cost of Myth

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There are a plethora of platitudes we hear during times of divisions and schisms and strife within this nation, many of which harken back to an older more civilized age. I’m sure any American, regardless of age has at the very least heard a few of them, stop me if you have.

“We are not just Republicans and Democrats, we are all Americans.”

“We all bleed the same red American blood.”

“At the end of the day, the man beside you is your neighbor, not your enemy.”

There are plenty more, but I think you understand where I’m coming from. At such a time in our nation’s history, whether it’s the ongoing celebration parallax, open targeting of concerned parents over what goes on in public schools, for political ads finally addressing the flagrant anti-white racism in this country, it’s safe to say that American’s democratic process has started acting saying the quiet parts out loud.

For many Americans it has become more noticeable in the last ten to fifteen years in what many have called the “great awokening” in this country. There are many that have noticed it before this present age, such as Sam Francis, Bob Whitaker, and Pat Buchanan. However their alleged extremism, which I find to be nothing more than what Steve Sailer would call “pattern recognition” is what we’re coming to a head today.

And what we’re coming to, is the complete collapse of the Classic American Civic Religion.

The Classic American Civic Religion, what Gaetano Mosca might call a politico formula, is akin to a political mythology. We have a mythos, the Founding Fathers, our Natural Rights and Liberties, the Constitution, and so on. It’s a great mythos, with characters and tales that have been passed onto their posterity for quite sometime until now. The current political formula, which has been at the epicenter of this “great awokening” has been the deconstructive force of what many conservatives in this country adhere to. It was witnessed especially during 2020, in the midst of racially motivated protests while conveniently being told that rioting is exempt from any sort of covid lockdown/social distancing policy.

This of course has been a long time coming, decades within the public discourse of those comfortably seeking their position of niche influence gatekeeping others to be the sole voice on the right so that they can run off the cliff like Wylie E. Coyote at the left shouting “stop!” While the rest of the right, dissident, extreme, or even just “old right” called out the perpetual learned helplessness of the grift, to what made the mainstream, or Con Inc. as so many like to say, beautiful losers. After all, years of calling the other side hypocrites and promoting policies that only enrich yourselves and not the base will erode the semblance of that this is an actual functioning society for the heartland or any conservatively minded individual.

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