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Recently I came across this little gif on twitter, which while crude, does offer an effective visual as to what purpose the current Republican Party apparatus serves in the United States. Simplification of the political actors, NGOs, interest groups, and the wealthy aside, it raises a fundamental observation of why we can’t go backwards. However, I think people using the gif that is shown below think for some foolish reason that Republicans are here to stop things or somehow turn back the clock. It does show, however crudely, that our current batch of American Conservatism has done little to stop anything anywhere, although one could question if it has ever succeeded at all.

Although I am also a fan of the more technical version of this ratchet moving, which includes a vital piece needed for the above mentioned graphic to properly function according to reality.

The fixed spring adds the appropriate missing piece, but we’ll get into that later.

I am not the first writer or observer to note that the leftist march of “progress” is like a ratchet, each turn of the ratchet taking us further while gaslighting the public and telling those who are raising reasonable objections that they’re just participating in the slippery slope fallacy. This happens for a variety of reasons, primarily by being in control of institutions that are the main providers of incentives. These incentives, both economic and social, show groups eager for status and power what to do that moves the ratchet leftward. This is seen by encouraging new scientific dogma through peer review and consensus making to ensure that racism is a public health crisis that can be quantified, even if their studies cannot be replicated.

But how the hell does one become a part of the Pawl in the first place?

A Philia for Apostates

Mainstream progressives, atheists, and moderates (dare I say “centrists”) are always first on the chopping block when it comes to the leftist ratchet, primarily because their rightward opposition has either been effectively neutered by the existing power structure, or its rightist opposition is too busy containing itself with unnecessary knife fighting and ego tripping but more on that later. It is these individuals, who are usually self-identified liberals, who are now the prime targets of the current progressive ideation because they adhere to notions of a “Marketplace of Ideas” rather than “Speech is Violence.”

The “Intellectual Dark Web” which is far more than just a loose connection of personalities and disaffected liberals are the prime example of this. Whether it be the issue of “forced speech” in Peterson’s case or Evergreen College in 2017 for Bret Weinstein (although his brother isn’t doing so bad as the former Managing Director of Thiel Capital either), one can distinctly recall many of these personalities being the sensible, liberal opposition to the civilizational suicide contagion of progressivism. They had found themselves in an awkward spot, not on the right yet not on the left either. Although many of them, ranging from James Lindsay to Jordan Peterson, have found themselves awkwardly in a center-right position that would have been acceptable on the left just decades prior.

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